Singstarren in style met @elinelinie

Singstarren in style met @elinelinie


Okay guys here is my 1,000,000 Subscriber video, and the reason things.. didn’t go to plan.

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Congrats to one million subs!

Marcus explains how he does his hair! and I must say, I don’t spend so much time doing my hair.. Nor do I use so many products. But I have to admit that his hair can survive a whole crazy Marcus-day so who am I to judge!

Finally! A come play with us gif!

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X Factor observations

Has anyone seen this vid by Tatcherjoe (aka Joe Sugg, yes he’s Zoës brother) yet? He’s reviewing his observations on X Factor. And even though I’ve never seen an episode of the British version of X Factor in my life, or any other version actually, but I must say I really liked the video! And especially Joe’s transformation during the vid! So if you haven’t seen it yet, you should quit reading and click the link below!

Today must be the best lazy Sunday ever!

First we could have breakfast with Jack and Finn and now we can have a (very late) lunch/(very early) supper with Alfie!

So for those of you who didn’t wake up early (I had to be ready at 10 am guys!) to see Jack and Finn’s breakfastbroadcast, I’ve made a little summary..

They’d only slept for 3,5 hours, since they spent the whole night editing a video (yeeeey!) and it’s already uploaded, so as soon as you’ve finished reading this, you should check it out (
But because of the lack of time to sleep, Jack was quite tired, which lead to a lot of funny faces! And sexy out of bed hair! He forgot to shave too, oh no, that’s for Movember: Jack for charity (:

But I’m not going to make this a terribly long story that nobody wants to read, so I’m gonna shut myself up and you should go and watch the twins new video!

I can’t even..
Lots of credits for whoever has made this!

I can’t even..

Lots of credits for whoever has made this!

Tonight is the lucky night. Marcus, Alfie and Zoe are on younow LIVE right now! SOO check it out. It’s tons of fun!!/shows/PointlessBlog


BRAND NEW DAILY VLOG NOW UP! the police get involved again!

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So is everybody following Sam, Louis and Maz’s stay in the bus? With the adorable Yoda ofcourse! If you haven’t, you’re not to late to watch every vid and become up to date yet!